The main data Google collects here is around your location, though it obviously tracks you through its apps as well—Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps—just as it does on the web. LEARN MORE The

Jul 09, 2018 · Google might just know you better than anyone. Thanks to the data the tech giant collects in order to sell ads, Google has a wealth of information on you — from what you look like to where you live and where you’ve traveled. Mar 11, 2019 · But Google seems to be slipping under the radar when it comes to privacy questions, when in fact Google knows more about you than Facebook does. So how much information does Google really know When you use Google's search function to learn about the world, Google is using your searches to learn about you. The search giant builds multifaceted profiles of users based on their search

A full history of your voice commands with any Google product -- including actual audio recordings. …

What Does Google Know About You: A Complete Guide

Google has a huge database. Hell yes, Google has the biggest reserve of a database for user data, even more than Apple and Microsoft. So, what does Google know about you? Let’s have a deeper look at this – This Is What Google Knows About You! How To Stop It Aug 27, 2018