5 Linux commands to shutdown and reboot the system

How to Start, Stop and Restart Apache Ubuntu - Apache2 May 11, 2020 How to Restart Apache Web Server (Linux) Jan 26, 2020 postgres, ubuntu how to restart service on startup? get I have a Postgres db 9.1 running on AWS EC2, with ubuntu 12.04.. I messed a lot with the instance (i.e installed all kinds of postgres X.X before i settled on 9.1). Now after a month working on that db, I discovered that if I restart my instance postgres doesn't load correctly, its status says "Running clusters". this will last forever until I. sudo service postgresql restart

Sep 21, 2014

How to Install and Use Telnet in Ubuntu: 6 Steps (with Mar 10, 2015 How to Restart Services in Linux: 5 Steps (with Pictures) Open the command line. Most Linux distributions have a Menu option in the lower-left corner of the …

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How to Restart Network in Ubuntu Server 16.04 Latest release of Ubuntu Server seems to have some issues when restarting network interfaces, So let's how we can do it properly. Problem with Ubuntu 16.04 is that when you configure new IP Address on a Network interface, it does not remove the old IP Address from the interface after network restart.