If you're lucky, a computer virus is one of the most annoying things that can happen to your PC or Mac. And if you're unlucky, it's one of the most devastating. While some viruses are little more

The Most Destructive Malware of All Time | OPSWAT According to Virus Bulletin’s May, 1999 virus prevalence report, macro viruses accounted for 90% of all reported infections. One such infected document came to me in an invoice from an antivirus company! 3. CIH Virus - 1998. The CIH virus, also known as the "Chernobyl virus", was named after the initials of the author of the worm, Chen Ing Hau. 5 Most Destructive Computer Viruses Of All Time Mar 25, 2017 Seven of the most deadly viruses, from Ebola to rabies

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