Can I just flush route table to that process? For example if I executed an Iexplore.exe first, then changed the default gateway to a Korean vpn, IE still went to amercia default gateway. But if I change the default gateway first and then execute Iexplore.exe, it went to Korea. So how can I flush the route …

ip route flush - flush routing tables this command flushes routes selected by some criteria. The arguments have the same syntax and semantics as the arguments of ip route show, but routing tables are not listed but purged. The only difference is the default action: ip route flush -- flush routing tables Next: Abbreviations: Up: ip route Previous: Example: Contents Abbreviations: Up: ip route Previous: Example: Contents Subsections. Abbreviations: Description ip route Man Page - Linux -

ip route Man Page - Linux -

Dec 19, 2018

Re: clear ip route * all distance vector and link-state routing protocols will trigger an update if you issue this command. ospf will run again spf and eigrp will also run again dual and apply to their topology table database in order to get the best routes, in other words to get a new routing table

R2(config-router)#do show ip ospf neighNeighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 1 FULL/DR 00:00:39 FastEthernet1/0 SystemRescueCd - Destination port routing We also use ip route flush to be sure that the table is empty. ip route flush table rt_link1 ip route add table rt_link1 default dev eth1 ip route flush table rt_link2 ip route add table rt_link2 default dev eth2 Use the new tables with policy routing. Now we have to use the ip … How Do I Flush My DNS Cache on Windows? | Support | No-IP The following guide will teach you how to flush your DNS Cache. The first step to flushing your DNS is to open your “Windows Command” prompt. WinXP: Start, Run and then type “cmd” and press Enter. Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8: Click “Start” and type the word “Command” in the Start search field. Finally, right-click the command