The process to resolve an hostname to an ip address is normally defined dns lookup. When a user is surfing the web, his client computer performs a dns query each time he requests a page, an image, a stylesheet and so on.

How to configure OpenVPN to resolve local DNS & hostnames Jul 09, 2019 windows - DNS can't resolve hostname; nslookup can If I ping it, it says it can't resolve the host name. I flush the DNS cache, and then when I display the dns cache it has the following: windows.cs - Name does not exist. Yet if I use nslookup, which by default queries the primary DNS server (our internal one) and I query …

DNS resolution is an important service, without it functioning properly domain names will not be correctly resolved to IP addresses preventing other network services from working correctly. Therefore it is equally important to know how to troubleshoot DNS issues on a Linux client and fix any problems to reduce disruption.

Nov 21, 2011 · This is done automatically (as would be the case with the entries where the DNS name is being resolved). If this is not working for a specific IP address, then PRTG isn't able to resolve the respective DNS - this would, however, be an issue of the DNS configuration, otherwise PRTG wouldn't resolve any DNS names. Jun 18, 2015 · For this we are going to use Net::DNS to check how various name servers around the world resolve a specific hostname. We could check the name resolving at our own DNS server, but that's not very interesting. We can do that even by pinging the remote host. Much more interesting is to check this at other DNS servers.

So unless you've explicitly set up DNS hostnames on your network, this is most likely why you can't address your machines by name from your iPad. The best solution here is to assign hostnames using static DHCP on your router — because your machines most likely already use your router for DNS, you should be able to change your settings on the

Linux / UNIX: DNS Lookup Command - nixCraft Jan 14, 2014 reverse dns - How to resolve DNS in Python? - Stack Overflow I have a DNS script which allow users to resolve DNS names by typing website names on a Windows command prompt. I have looked through several guides on the DNS resolve but my script can't still seem to resolve the names ( or ( to IP address. Package upgrade Error: Could not resolve DNS Name - MikroTik Jul 17, 2016 Resolve DNS and IP Addresses with PowerShell