Jun 29, 2020 · Maybe you don’t want anyone to check out your Safari browsing history or just wish to wipe out all the stored data to make the app run smoothly. But when you go to delete your web browsing data, you find Safari’s “Clear History and Website Data” option grayed out on your iOS device.

Nov 14, 2017 · Delete Browsing History from Safari Individually. To delete sites individually from your history, go directly to the browser: Safari > Tap Bookmarks icon > History > Swipe left to delete individual sites . The “Clear” button will also allow you to delete data. This will be based on time measurements (all history, today’s history, last Method 1: How to Clear iPhone Browsing History Manually. All browsers on iPhone come with a default method to delete browsing history, cache as well as other data. This is no exception for Safari, the most popular and used web browser on iPhone. Here are the steps to manually delete browsing history and caches on Safari: Dec 26, 2018 · How to Clear History on iPhone Safari – Steps to delete history on iPhone. Open – Settings App and then scroll down to reach Safari; Tap it and next tap on – Clear history and Website data; You will get a warning to inform you that history will be erased from all the devices you are using, but you need to tap – Clear History and Data Jun 16, 2020 · For many iPhone Users, it’s very common to delete browsing history as well as cookies and cached data by mistake. Sometimes you may accidentally delete important info with just a click of a button. So, checking the deleted browsing history sometimes proves to be very essential especially when you are worried about your spouse or child Dec 12, 2019 · When highlighted, press the Delete key on your keyboard, or tap and hold until the Delete notification appears. Agree to it. Agree to it. You can continue to do this for any URLs you want to see individually removed from your search bar history.

You could clear your entire browsing history, but nothing says "I'm hiding things from you" more effectively than clearing your browsing history. Fortunately, there are options for clearing your Safari history on iPhone selectively. Here’s how to selectively clear your browsing history in Safari on iPhone or iPad.

Delete Safari Browsing History. Of course, most iPhone users are taking advantage of Safari to surf the Internet. So you may want to delete Safari browsing history on iPhone when in need. You only need to tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Web Data to delete all Safari browsing history on your iPhone.

May 21, 2020 · When you sync your iPhone to iTunes, Finder, or iCloud, Safari history and bookmarks are included in the backup. By restoring the backup file to your device, you can get your internet history back. However, there is a potential downside to this approach – it will replace all the additional data on your device that has been created since your