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How to Build Nginx from source on Fedora 29 Nginx (pronounced "engine x") is an open source web server software designed with high concurrency in mind, that can be used as HTTP/HTTPS server, reverse proxy server, mail proxy server, software load balancer, TLS terminator, caching server. It is an extremely modular piece of software. Even some of the seemingly "built-in" pieces of the software, such as GZIP or SSL, are actually built Home - The source code for building those packages is found here. If you are looking for RPM spec files, module and container definitions, Fedora-specific patches, tests, and so on, you're in the right place. Fedora vs. Ubuntu: Which One's for You? - Make Tech Easier

Fedora is Bleeding Edge. The Fedora Operating System is called a bleeding edge Linux distribution …

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How to Enable RPM Fusion Repo in Fedora, CentOS, RHEL How to Enable RPM Fusion Repo in Fedora Linux, RHEL, CentOS. RPM Fusion has two flavors of the repo. Free and non-Free. The Free one as its name says contains a free version of software packages and the non-free ones contain compiled packages of closed source and “non-commercial” open-source software. 389 Directory Server - Main Page The enterprise-class Open Source LDAP server for Linux. LDAP is a protocol for representing objects in a network database. Commonly LDAP servers are used to store identities, groups and organisation data, however LDAP can be used as a structured No SQL server. 389 Directory Server is hardened by real-world use, is full-featured, supports multi-master replication, and already handles many of