May 09, 2012

Yes, you can disable file transfer, drag and drop, copy-paste files/folders access for all the users linked to your account. To disable file transfer, Log in to RemotePC via web browser. Click the username displayed on the top-right corner and click 'My Account'. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Computer Settings'. how can i make my computer go to Online instead of offline how can i make my computer go to Online instead of offline I can't get my windows xp to go to online instead of offline status - help This thread is locked. LogMeIn remote desktop connection software for remote

Jul 02, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions - RemotePC™ - Remote Access Your computer will go offline briefly, but once the computer becomes ready for remote connection, its status will change to online. Refresh the computer list manually to see the change. Note: For Windows machines, an additional option to 'Restart in safe mode' will also appear. RemotePC™ vs LogMeIn LogMeIn: Pricing: RemotePC SOHO Plan for 10 computers. $69.50 $52.12 First year. $139.50 $104.25 For 2 years. LogMeIn Individual Plan starts from $349.99 every year for 2 computers: Performance: Provides near-real-time response at most locations: Slower than RemotePC # AR based video sharing

How to Change Your LogMeIn Account Password

How to Rename a Computer Go to the LogMeIn website to change the name by which a computer is listed in your LogMeIn account. Important: This does not change the actual Computer Name as set at the operating system level (for example, under System Properties > Computer Name in Windows). How to Change Your LogMeIn Account Password Change the password you use to log in to,, and No host connection is required to manage your LogMeIn account details.