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Setting up Linksys WRT54G (v7) with Cable internet connection

Hello guys, I need help setting up my Linksys WRT54G (v5) wireless router as i'm not getting an internet connection out of it. I tried connecting my PC (through ethernet cable) or my phone (through wi-fi), both devices were not connected to the internet. I tried following Linksys' guide to setting up this router Connected to WRT54G, But No Internet! - Linksys Community Router: WRT54G version 8 Hi. I've been having this problem with my network for months, but nothing seems to fix it. Problem: All of my computers can connect to the router, but not to the internet! This happens as often as every 2 hours on some days! I can power cycle the modem and all is well, but only for a short period of time. WRT54GL Can't Connect to Internet - Linksys Community

Jan 08, 2014

1. connect the modem's ethernet port to the internet port of your WRT54G router 2. connect the pc to the regular port 1 2 3 or 4 on the back of your router 3. turn off the modem, hold the routers reset button for 30 seconds then release it 4. restart the computer