2020-6-14 · If the client supports SOCKS then SSH can do the job, but youtube-dl doesn't support SOCKS. If you're using the proxy for a specific server, you may be able to use SSH alone and tell it to forward directly to that server, but that only works if all the requests need to be forwarded to the same IP address and port.

ssh proxy mac 破解-SSH Proxy for Mac (ssh代理) … 2020-3-4 · SSH Proxy for Mac (ssh代理) 破解说明 软件下载完成后,打开软件包,拖动软件【SSH Proxy】到应用程序进行安装.安装即破解. SSH Proxy for Mac (ssh代理) 官方介绍 SSH Proxy is an easy-to-use tool that helps you effortlessly create and use a SOCKS v5hr How to tunnel Internet traffic over SSH in Windows 2012-11-8 · How to tunnel Internet traffic over SSH in Windows using free software This is a basic guide to SSH dynamic port forwarding. It is intended as an introduction to this technology for intermediate to advanced computer users in the hopes that it will be useful. SSH via SOCKS proxies | Jethro Carr

SSH SOCKS proxy works almost the same way as a VPN would as you could use it to securely tunnel network traffic from your local machine to the remote SSH server. You could use it to securely access the internet in a public network such as in a public WiFi environment, as the traffic between our host and the proxy is encrypted.

动态端口转发:安装带有 SSH 的 SOCKS 服务器 - … 2017-10-12 · 我们只能在 SSH 客户端创建 SOCKS 服务器,而不能在 SSH 服务器端创建 1080 是 SOCKS 服务器的典型端口,正如 8080 是 Web 代理服务器的典型端口一样。选项 -N 防止实际启动远程 shell 交互式会话。当我们只用 ssh 来建立隧道时很有用。选项 -f 会使

2019-5-9 · 最近从 GitHub clone 仓库速度极慢,遂查阅资料解决之。本文主要介绍 Git 使用 SSH 克隆时如何走 Socks 代理,因为使用 HTTPS 克隆的话目前基本上很容易找到资料,比如 Using a socks proxy with git for the http transport | Stackoverflow。 正如那个

linux - How can I use SSH with a SOCKS 5 proxy? - Super User 2020-7-8 · I have a SOCKS5 proxy set up through PuTTY with port 7777 configured as a dynamic port. I can use firefox/filezilla/etc by configuring them to use a SOCKS proxy with localhost and port 7777.But I can't figure out how to ssh (through Cygwin) to a remote server by using the dynamic port. ‎SSH Tunnel - with SOCKS5 proxy i App Store