How to automatically stop seeding in utorrent

What does Seeding mean when it comes to torrent downloads Nov 27, 2009 what does seeding mean ? - General - µTorrent Community Forums Aug 07, 2008 Make Deluge Automatically Stop Seeding When Download

Nov 27, 2009

How to Seed Moved or Renamed Files in BitTorrent After such changes, you need to retarget the files in uTorrent if you want to keep seeding the torrent. The procedure for doing this is the same no matter if the torrent is already loaded in How to Disable Upload (Turn Off Seeding) in uTorrent

How to Use a Seed Germination Blanket Over Existing Grass

For popular stuff like recent movies and whatnot seed to 1 or 0.5 just check the number of seeds if is big then 0.5 is fine. For rare stuff with low seeds, seed at least to 10 so the torrent doesn't die or stall. Always check the number of seeds! and the age of the torrent, that's … How to Seed a Torrent: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Jan 02, 2020 why do must we seed after downloading a torrent? | Yahoo Mar 17, 2010 how to automatically stop seeding after a download is Nov 14, 2017