Apr 30, 2020

Jun 24, 2019 If your device was lost or stolen, and it has your Find your lost device or erase it. Apple and Google offer tools to find lost devices or erase information from them: Learn how to find your iPhone or iPad; Learn how to find your Android device; If you use a 1Password account. If you use a 1Password account, deauthorize the lost … How to recover parental control restrictions passcodes? Jun 22, 2020

How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE iPhone 5S & 5C | iPad

Sep 09, 2016 How Can I Solve Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore? Jun 24, 2019

How To Recover Your Forgotten Facebook Password

Here's how to reset a lost iPhone or iPad backup password: On iOS 11, use the Reset all Settings option in the Settings app. Otherwise, try to guess the correct backup password. If this fails, back the device up to iCloud. Erase the device, then restore it from the iCloud backup. Safari Passwords missing or gone on your iPhone? How-To