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Jul 15, 2020 How to turn Disable/Enable IP forwarding in Linux Jul 24, 2018 Ip routing on 3750 - Cisco Community When you enable ip routing on L3 switch, this becomes L3 switch. on L3 switches you don't use Ip default gateway. You should remove this with. no ip default-gateway 10.xx.1.41. instead you will need to define. ip route 10.xx.1.41.

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When to use "no ip routing" on a vlan interface on an

2. Routing for user traffic is not done on the controller. User's default gateway is usually an uplink device. L-3 vlan 1. Vlan interface on the controller has IP address assigned to it. 2. Default gateway can be the vlan interface on the controller. User traffic will be routed as per the routing table of the controller.

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