Why You Should Be Encrypting Your Devices and How to

Is my iPhone encrypted? Everything you need to know about Dec 24, 2015 How to Encrypt Your Wireless Network - Lifewire Nov 15, 2019

Sep 06, 2017 · With your iPhone's full-disk encryption, it's easy to protect your data from hackers and thieves. Here's how to encrypt your iPhone in seconds.

Android users should enable encryption and set a PIN code or alphanumeric passcode. iOS users, setup Touch ID and use an alphanumeric passcode containing at least six digits. The longer password Data encryption on your iPhone is tied into your PIN or password so it’s recommended you go for a 6-digit PIN instead of the weaker 4-digit option, or go for a complex password entirely. If you If your data isn’t encrypted, anyone who happens across your phone or laptop can get at the files within pretty easily; with encryption added, accessing the same data becomes very, very

Apr 26, 2018